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I'm Lexie — energetic business coach. I'm here to help you honour the way you were meant to be successful in your business by designing an aligned biz strategy.


Using Your Intuition to Transform Your Business and Life

July 1, 2021

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Women are believed to have been carrying a higher mental load than men which is why the energy that we put into things matters, even the small ones.  Being in the business industry or being an entrepreneur demands energy and it is important for us to know what energy we are putting into it.

How do you thrive while giving the best energy that you can to those that surround you? Your family, your clients, your connections. First, we need to be rooted in our purpose. When we feel connected with our purpose, it is easier for us to do things and we are less likely to feel burned out. The energy that we give could transform our businesses and our lives and it could help us in aligning with our greater purpose and alignment with our soul.

In this episode, we will be joined by Liza Baker. Liza spent almost 20 years in various roles in the nonprofit world and she is recently working as a grants manager at a food systems organization that works at an intersection of Health Food Access, Sustainable Agriculture, and Social Justice. 

Liza is now an Integrative Nutrition® health coach and nonprofit consultant. She is also an author, a blogger, and a podcaster.

Liza’s mission is to support you by being well while doing good. Learn how you can lead businesses that empower and brings self-awareness to other people and learn how you can align your business to your purpose by listening to this podcast now! 



  • [05:15] What brought Liza into the work that she is doing today

  • [05:50] Liza’s Career shift from teaching language to being in the food industry

  • [06:50] Liza’s journey in the culinary industry as a personal chef

  • [07:51] Liza’s 501(c)(3) Foundation Experience

  • [08:20] Liza’s Realizations on working and taking care of others as a health coach

  • [11:30] Women’s cognitive/ mental load 

  • [14:00] The societal pressures set for women 

  • [14:36] How your language is affecting your energy

  • [15:34] Importance of Self-care and Soul care towards alignment

  • [17:00] Importance of Harmony 

  • [18:20] External or Internal: Sources of women’s shoulds and what if’s

  • [21:20] Importance of support 

  • [22:34] Changing your energy and how to use that energy

  • [23:00] Becoming Aware of the Energy Around You and Using it Effectively

  • [31:27] Coaching ourselves and establishing our goals

  • [31:50] How to keep things aligned

  • [39:20] How do we use the transform aspect in our lives

  • [40:30] The impact of laying up micro habits for transformation

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