Top Time Management Tips and Healthy Routines for Entrepreneurs

February 11, 2021

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Today I am joined by health and productivity coach Jessica Duchesne and we are talking all about our top tips for staying health and productive while building your online business. Jess works with individuals and corporate companies to build systems and strategies to improve their health, mindset and productivity. By blender her high performance skills with her health & wellbeing knowledge, Jess believes that mastering your productivity creates more space for your own personal health, happiness & success.

In this episode:
3:00 - What has lockdown been like in Australia in 2020?
5:00 - How to maintain healthy habits in a pandemic?
9:50 - Challenges of balancing a full time job and grow a business
14:55 - Long work days, stressful jobs, meeting your clients where you are at
16:20 - go-to time management hacks
19:05 - setting up your calendar to save time
22:55 - advice for prioritizing everything you need to do in your business and life
26:00 - favourite tasks to pair together to save time
32:00 - work life balance
34:00 - creating a morning routine for success
36:30 - health and productivity apps to keep you accountable


Links mentioned in this episode:
Google Calendar
Water App
Sleep Tracking


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