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I'm Lexie — energetic business coach. I'm here to help you honour the way you were meant to be successful in your business by designing an aligned biz strategy.


The Power of Visualization in Transforming Your Reality

April 21, 2021

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As business owners, our minds are the most powerful tool we have. If your mindset isn't serving you in a positive way, it will constantly be blocking you from taking action in your business and creating the life you want to live. Owning and running a business reflects back so many lessons that you are here to work through, overcome and move past in our life. It can be the BIGGEST self discovery journey you ever go on.

In this episode, I am joined by Jamie Ong of The White Walls. Jamie is mindset and manifestation coach who specializes in helping new coaches overcome self doubt with brain rewiring and embodiment techniques to manifest their dream clients into reality. We are discussing how you can harness the power for visualization to help rewire your brain and start talking conscious action to becoming the higher vibe version of yourself.

In this episode:

  • Jamie's story of awakening into her innate power

  • Struggling with not feeling good enough or worthy of success as a business owner

  • How your thoughts create your reality

  • Thought loops and how you can overcome them

  • The science of manifestation

  • studies showing how visualization is so powerful

  • how you can use visualization techniques for your business

  • how to show up in the highest vibration


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