It's time to turn your passion for helping others into a thriving business.

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The step-by-step roadmap for new health coaches, life coaches, and nutritionists who are ready to start their own business, book their first paying clients & start making consistent money online.

Learn how to determine who your dream clients are & where to find them.

Design an offer that makes you confident to sell your services. 

Create a unique marketing strategy that brings you a steady stream of new clients.

Turn your idea for a side-hustle into a full blown online business.

(don't worry, I have the solution for you)

Your coaching, nutrition, or healing program taught you everything you need to help your clients, but how do you actually GET clients?

You invested in your certification, but you didn't realize you'd also have to invest in business school.

You're ready to build the online business you've been dreaming of! There's just one little problem...

Does this sound like you?

> start booking clients.
> make money doing what you love. 
> help more people with your passion.
> and find more freedom in your day.

You're ready to:

Let me guess...

You're spending hours each week trying to get your business going...

You were told the best way to get started is a business Instagram account, so you're considering doing a Reels challenge or buying more Instagram templates to help grow your account. 

Maybe you've been collecting free downloadable resources and attending webinars from business coaches, hoping you can learn the insider secrets they keep saying are in their paid programs. 

When the freebies get you no where (because you could just google their tips), you start collecting paid courses, trainings and ebooks hoping to find out what to do. 

But when you realize you're still not making any money, you think it must be YOU who is doing something wrong. So, you start comparing yourself to other coaches online and consider copying what seems to be working for them.





There are a lot of business courses and programs out there. Maybe you've even considered investing in one that is way outside of your current budget, because you believe that if it's expensive it MUST work.

With so many options and so much noise (hello targeted ads on your Instagram), it's no wonder you're not clear on YOUR strategy.

The Truth?

You're not the problem.
your current business strategy is.

Talking to people who will actually pay you.

Deciding on the service that people will actually buy.

Finding out how to attract new clients, even when you're a new coach with little experience.

Learning where your clients are hanging out online and how to find them. 

Becoming confident in yourself, your offers, your coaching and your ability to have real sales conversations. 

Save the fancy strategies for future years.
Right now, you need to focus on the core foundations of building a sustainable, profitable business.

You need someone to teach you what to do, based on where you are right now.

Foundations like...

Once you nail the foundations,
there is no stopping you!

When you have proof your service is profitable,
when you know how to find more clients, 
when you see the amazing results you're giving people,
when people start booking with you via word of mouth...

growing your business feels easy & dare I say fun!

you won't need shiny strategies or tactics because

They found success, and so can you.

- Ashley A, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

"I feel so confident in my business! Lexie helped me build a coaching program that I am proud of, therefore, I am proud and confident when I talk to potential clients about my coaching program. I definitely attribute the success of my sold out first launch to Lexie and her program!"

- Kristin H, FDN-P, NC

"Lexie’s coaching has been one of the best investments I’ve made for my business. I feel so much more organized & clear in my business strategy. I now know that there is no stopping my business goals and vision.”

- Amy c, health and habits coach

"I thought I needed to focus on Instagram. I thought wrong!
Lexie helped me see the actually steps I needed to take, in order, so that I could attract the right types of clients who actually wanted to work on their health habits. I am so confident in my ability to have sales conversations now that I feel like a completely different person! Thanks Lexie!"

What if... you could create a clear plan for taking your business from dreamy idea to legitimate money maker? 

What if...
you were so proud of your services & offerings, that it made selling feel easy? 

What if... you had clarity in your short & long term priorities for growing your business, so it took the pressure off you to do it all at once?

If there was a way you could get your online business up in running quicker; would you FINALLY feel confident making the money & impact you're capable of?


Building a thriving business online is now closer than ever.

If you’re reading this, you ALREADY know that the key to longterm sustainable success is taking the RIGHT actions at the RIGHT time. 🎉

Could you imagine what it would feel like to...

Know EXACTLY how to communicate what you do, how you can help & what makes you different

Be CONFIDENT in your ability to not only hit your first $1-3k months, but design a plan for future growth

DITCH the status quo and instead create a business and lifestyle that aligns with how YOU want to work

FINALLY spend your days working with clients you love, making an impact, and feeling fulfilled by your work

Build your business with a step-by-step strategy, tailor made for YOUR natural strengths, with proven results

The MBA is a digital school for ambitious nutritionists, life coaches, health coaches and consultants who are looking to start and launch a passion-led business. Access my tried-tested-and-proven system for booking your first paying clients, nailing your brand message and creating a realistic action plan to reach consistent $1000-$3000 months.

The Magnetic Business Academy is your online MBA.

Welcome to business school

(without the student loans)

let me introduce myself

HI! I'm Lexie Sparrow

When I started my own health and nutrition business in 2018, I found myself spending a lot of money on fancy courses, basing my strategies on trends, and comparing my services to other coaches. 

I felt like I was working so hard (while also slaving away at my 9-5 job), and still not getting anywhere with my business, even though I was "doing everything right" according to the experts.

What I've learned over the past 2 years through coaching other nutritionists and coaches is that most of us skip the basic, essential foundations of business. That's why I created this program - because THIS is what you need to succeed. 

I designed The Magnetic Business Academy to give you the complete system I used to turn my passion into a thriving business

and give you access to the tools I created that helped my clients launch their own successful online business too!


Want an Inside Look? Listen to this episode of the podcast!

- Aimee C, Life Coach

"I was so exhausted trying to start my business on top of my full time job and spending all my weekends doing what Lexie calls chasing shiny strategies. Lexie's program allowed me to start doing what I actually needed to do. I sold out my first group program in 3 days!!”

Stacey L, FNTP -

"For the first time after 1 year in business, I am actually working with clients I want to work with and getting paid to help people. I am beyond thankful I found Lexie's program! It's a no brainer if you are a new coach!”

- Taylor J, Social Media & Marketing Consultant

"Lexie just gets it! It was a such a great balance of strategy and intuition based guidance along with Human Design. This is the first coaching I've experienced that incorporates all of that and delivers just what I need, even if I don't know what I need!"

The Magnetic Business Academy will give you the skills, strategy & resources to confidently build a solid foundation in your business, so you can create the freedom filled lifestyle you desire.

Above All Else...

Before you purchase The Magnetic Business Academy Program, I encourage you to read through my Sliding Scale Rates Guide at

In short, I have a suggested or "regular" fee for all courses, programs and coaching services and options to go down or up depending on your access to resources and income.

Remember that when you pay more, you are actively choosing to help others access business education who might not otherwise be able to.

When you you pay in the middle, you are recognizing the value of the creator (in this case me, Lexie Sparrow), supporting my livelihood and work and choosing to exchange energy freely with me. This is what I refer to as my "truest" price.

When you pay at the bottom, know that you are letting this beautiful community support you.

It's our experience that people may think that because we offer different price points that our services are discounted or that we don't truly value our service at the Tier 2 or middle price. That's not true.

We offer sliding scale pricing to make our courses and services more accessible to those who might other wise not be able to enroll.

The only way this system works is by asking our community to be honest with themselves and reflect on their own access and privilege.

I recognize that income is not the only factor that limit a person's access to a product or service, and therefore ask you to self-assess where you fit on the scale below by reading the guide available at

I also recognize that the lowest price tier for this program may still be inaccessible to you. If this is true for you, please reach out to

We do pricing differently around here

The Only Way The System Works

— Amy H, RMT

Lexie's coaching has been absolutely invaluable! If you are thinking about working with Lexie, go for it! You won't regret it! ”

— Erika H, FNTP

Lexie helped me transform how I show up in my business. I am finally starting to feel confident in my ability to not just manifest ideas, but to execute & bring them to life.”

— Kristin H, FDN-P, NC

Lexie helped me listen to my gut & prioritize the things that were important to me. I started picking up new clients without even trying because I am my more authentic self. ”

— Brittany S, CAT(C), CPT

If you're looking for a way to get more efficient, organized, profitable and ultimately ditch the overwhelm that comes with running a business, I highly recommend getting in touch with Lexie! ”

Other programs teach you one aspect of starting your business (email marketing, online courses, Instagram or systems for example) 

Other programs teach you what worked for that particular person (& expect it'll work for you too), without ways to make it personal to you

Other programs may focus on Human Design, mindset, or trusting your intuition, but don't offer any of the practical strategies for starting a business

Inside the MBA, we give you BOTH the step-by-step logical strategies that have worked for others & we incorporate other aspects (like Human Design) to encourage you to put your own flavour in to your strategy & focus on what you need to make your OWN business a success.

How is the MBA different from other programs that teach online business?

That's why you will see courses, trainings and teachings on BOTH aspects to help you build a balanced business. This includes: systems, strategies and logical business foundations, as well as the intuitive, flow and Human Design energetics. We believe there is no one size fits all business plan and that by offering you choices, you can begin to trust your own intuition and discover the way you were meant to build your magnetic business online.

Inside Magnetic Business Academy, we recognize the need to integrate both the masculine & feminine energies of business.

we do things differently

Q: Who is The Magnetic Business Academy for?
A: New and emerging service providers (coaches, nutritionists, personal trainers, life coaches, healers, wellness professionals, and more), who want the straight-forward tools for creating their first service, launching that service and starting their online business! 

Q: How long do I have access to the program/courses?
A: Once you purchase an a la carte course or the full MBA program, it's yours to keep (for as long as we continue offer the program and/or services on Teachable)! You will also receive access to any future updates (as of April 2022). 

Q: How long does the program take to complete?
A: It really is up to you! For the full program, we recommend at the minimum 4-6 months for going through the main modules if you can dedicated 5-7 hours per week. Of course, this also depends on the pace you want to set for yourself.

For the Level 1 and Level 2, we recommend 2-4 months. Keep in mind, the main program is designed to help you start making money BEFORE you get through the entire course!

Questions? We got Answers!

Q: Do I need to have a certification, degree, client experience before taking this program/course?
A: Nope! I will teach you exactly how to start and launch your business, even if this is your very first service! All you need is an area/topic you are passionate, knowledgable and experienced in. *Certifications, degrees, and credentials are always an added bonus, though!

Q: How much Human Design is in this course?
A: The main program is designed to help you blend aspects of your Human Design into your business foundations. This is not at all mandatory. We cover: profile, strategy, energy type, centres, and a few gates. This is not meant to be a stand alone Human Design course. View other Human Design resources here.

Q: How does the payment plan work?
A: Our billing system is automated and we do not have the ability to freeze or skip payments or adjust the billing cycle for any of our students. Upon signup for the 3 month or 6 month payment plan, your chosen payment method will be billed automatically every 30 days.

Q: What's your refund policy?
A: Due to the nature of the product (digital downloads and courses), all purchases are final, and no refunds will be given. Please make sure that the course(s) feels like a good fit for you, before enrolling. Full Refund Policy 

Q: Can I share my login details?
A: All purchases of MBA and content, including a la carte courses and the full Magnetic Business Academy program, are meant to only be viewed by the purchaser and cannot be shared with others. Sharing of login credentials is strictly prohibited (as a business owner, we know you'll understand). Content Privacy Policy

f.a.q.'s Continued

5-7 hours per week to work through the modules & implement the trainings

An internet connection and access to the online platform (Teachable) and ability to run your business online

A few ideas of the the type of service or topic/niche area of service you'd like to offer (don't worry, I'll help you narrow this down)!

Passion for helping others, an area of expertise or a topic that you are excited to teach others about! 

Here's what you do need before joining:

A willingness to learn, and motivation to hold yourself accountable to completing the course work & following action steps

  • Various degrees/certifications or a long list of clients you have worked with

  • “Expert” status in your current industry/field

  • The perfect (finished) website or any website (I'll teach you how to get started with that inside the main program)

  • A large audience on social media or an e-mail list

  • Any prior tech experience (you will need a computer though)

  • A budget for extras like a graphic designer, videographer, editor, website designer, Facebook ads, etc

  • An in-depth knowledge of your Human Design (I'll teach you what you need to know to complete the course work inside the trainings)

  • Full days off to work on your business (you pick your own schedule)

Here's what you DON'T need:

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Isn’t it time you stopped the endless Google searching and get clarity on your biggest business building questions from a mentor who has been there and done that?