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The Generosity Practice: 40 Days to Unstoppable

December 9, 2021

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Christina Frei is back on the podcast today to ask us: what if giving generously unlocks joy and magic in our daily lives? What would feel good for you to offer out into the world today?

In this episode, we focus on what Christina Frei calls " The Generosity Practice",  a 10-minute daily inner practice that allows you to become the artist of your own generosity. It’s a powerful tool for helping you tune in to exactly what you need to build the courage, strength, and generous ideas to change the world around you. 

Christina is a marketing consultant and author who helps brilliant mission-based entrepreneurs, become compelling experts and get great clients. With her book The Generosity Practice: 40-Days to Unstoppable, she helps connect you with your hidden and restorative capacity for joyfully serving others.

I’m excited to jump into what the Generosity Practice is all about, learn how to become unstoppable with your mindset in 40 days and discover how this tool will not only help you in your entrepreneurship journey but your overall evolution as you expand and grow through life.

This episode will guide you and leave you feeling filled with energy and possibility! Are you ready to receive it today? Let's dive in! 


Episode Highlights: 

  • [03:20] How the process of creating generosity practice came about
  • [04:07] Three big life moments that led Christina to cultivate a generosity mindset and become committed to it
  • [05:04] The breakdown of the Generosity Practice and why it is such a powerful tool
  • [06:28] Using attention management and energy awareness to find answers in life
  • [08:03] The power behind the joy of giving for the sake of giving 
  • [10:13] What makes manifestation such an alluring term and ignores all reality and process
  • [13:32] What is the daily 10- minute  "conjuring" process
  • [15:10] Unleash the transformative power of limitless offering 
  • [16:21] Why the Generosity Practice is not about staying reasonable but staying aligned 
  • [17:11] How does generosity practice relate to business, marketing strategies & client relations
  • [18:30] Discovering your Innate Marketing Archetypes + finding the most favorite way of helping people through your archetype
  • [19:44] How to simplify things + be more present to create a marketing lifestyle that you actually can do and enjoy 
  • [29:13] How to stay rooted, expansive, aligned and grounded by mastering the Generosity Practice  

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Ep 50.The Generosity Practice: 40 Days to Unstoppable with Christina Frei

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