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The Anti-Launch Approach to Marketing

June 7, 2022

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Does this sound familiar? You want to start a business and you're really interested in creating your own services, but the thought of launching is completely stressing you out and holding you back from sharing your knowledge and your expertise with the world. Or perhaps you’ve already started your business and after a few rounds of intense live launches, you’re feeling burnt out by the feast-and-famine style business strategy.

Well, today's guest has a solution for you. Ashley Anne Schmidt is a corporate marketer turned entrepreneur, and she's on a mission to lighten the burden of business ownership for women entrepreneurs. She focuses on leveraging sustainable marketing strategies in your business. Ashley inspires business owners to choose sustainability over stress and get back to running a business that they love. She's here to chat all about how to make marketing sustainable and her anti-launch approach to marketing your programs and services.

Connect with Ashley:  @ashleyanne.andco

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