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Techniques to Level Up Your Sleep as an Entrepreneur

June 10, 2021

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As a soloprenuer, we can get so locked into our to do list that it’s hard to focus on slowing down and restoration. I know that if you have been listening to the show that you are most likely onboard with a new way of building your business and creating habits, rituals and space for self-care, relaxation and balance while building your business. But how about your sleep? Are you really prioritizing getting a restful sleep or is it just an after thought at the end of a long day?

Today’s guest is Beth Kendall, a holistic sleep coach and tapping practitioner. She helps people find the unconscious reasons they’re not sleeping and then she uses neuroplasticity-based methods to get them back on track to great sleep. She holds a masters in holistic health along with several mind-body certifications but she says what makes her most qualified to talk to others about sleep is her own experience with chronic illness and insomnia.

During her master’s program, she found a passion in neuroplasticity and the innate ability within all of us to create our reality using just the power of the mind. She is particularly interested in the role of the subconscious and how it works with the nervous system to create the sleep patterns in our lives.

Beth’s philosophy is: Sleep is Life and when you are sleeping better, everything else gets better, too! Her mission for today’s podcast is to help entrepreneurs fall in love with sleep!


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