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Stepping into Your Light, Mission, & True Calling

June 17, 2021

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Have you ever asked yourself these questions, “What am I here for?” “What should I be doing?”

While some of us have already figured out our sense of purpose, others are still trying to awaken theirs. As business people and entrepreneurs, we all get caught up with the hustle and bustle of daily life, trying to get things done and get through the day. As we keep on going, we often overlook our mission, our calling. Some of us would feel stuck in a rut by not knowing the purpose of the things that we do and we tend to also mistake our calling for our mission. A life driven by purpose makes things worthwhile. Without this purpose, we find it difficult to get through the day and everything just feels bland. Without one’s purpose, everything just appears to be uncertain.

Finding our purpose gives us more than just fulfillment, it gives us the power to change our lives and the lives of the people around us. How do you step into your light, mission, and true calling? 

In today’s episode, we will be joined by Bayla Abdurachmanov, a Certified Life and Mindset Coach for women, an identity coach for Moms, and a matrescence educator. Bayla teaches that all healing and all achievements are rooted in knowing ourselves to the deepest level, connecting with our life’s unique mission, and honoring our one-of-a-kind mind, body, and soul. She shows her clients how to do just that with radical self-love, clarity, confidence, and motherhood so that they can make an impact in their lives and society. She will tackle how one can find their light and mission with radical self-love and how mission, calling, and career differs from each of their own. You will also find out why it is very important to understand your life’s purpose and calling.

Tune in to this episode now and unravel your life’s mission and calling.



  • [04:52 ]What pushed Bayla into becoming a life coach
  • [04:52 ]What pushed Bayla into becoming a life coach
  • [06:19] What are Bayla’s niches when she started as a life coach
  • [08:20]  Differences between your life calling, mission, business niche, and career
  • [08:51] Understanding what life mission is
  • [11:20] What is a life calling and how do you know yours
  • [14:04] Defining career: Why it differs from one’s calling
  • [16:39] Redefining yourself and your life’s mission
  • [17:45] Things that you can do to define your life’s purpose
  • [22:54] Bayla’s advice in overcoming the feeling of being stuck and  misalignment 
  • [26:44] Importance of being cognizant of your mission and your being
  • [31:50] Becoming stuck in the “How”: What to do with it
  • [37:30] Differences of Process versus outcome goals
  • [40:20] Bayla’s piece of advice to those who want to live their mission in whatever they do


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