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Lexie Sparrow helps service based business owners honour the way they were designed to find success in their business. She believes there are an infinite number of possible ways to build a successful business online. The key is to discover how you were meant to build yours.

Her mission is to give other service providers the tools and resources they need to confidently build their business using their OWN unique energetic strategy, so they can step into the person they are meant to become.

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Topic Two - Redefine Your Definition of Success

Why are so many of us convinced that 6-figures is the ultimate measure of success in our new business? What if we started redefining how we view success in business and in life?

  • Where do our stories of success come from? Why is this so important to know?
  • How do our current success stories block us from actually achieving success in our business?
  • Who are we comparing our success with?
  • Why everyone should ask themselves what being successful actually feels like to them, rather than looks like
  • How can we measure our professional & business success in other ways? 
  • What it looks like to build your business model or shape your career based on your own version of success (and how this will completely change your life).

Topic One - Leveraging Your Strengths to Create a Magnetic Service for Your Business 

There is no one-size-fits all business strategy. So, how do you decide what works best for you? By learning to leverage your unique strengths!

  • How to stop comparison-itis and imposter syndrome in their tracks!
  • How to leverage your personal experiences and teaching style to create your services
  • Deciding on the type of service that plays to your strengths
  • How to set up your service structure & delivery (tools, systems, ideas to make it work for you)
  • Why you need to start thinking more about the client experience of your service
  • Honouring your energy & the way you were design to work and connect with others 

Topic Three - Using Human Design to Discover Your Gifts as an Entrepreneur 

  • What's Human Design? How can it help you discover your natural strengths?
  • How to get started with Human Design
  • The 5 Energy Types in Human Design & their unique strategies
  • Using your Human Design Energy Type in business
  • What is conditioning? How does this impact our success? How does this block us from connecting with our dream clients?
  • Using Human Design to begin the de-conditioning process
  • Starting Your Business & setting clear priorities to build your business
  • Creating services that sell, even when you're just starting out
  • How to find your ideal clients/target market and why this is more important than your niche
  • Building systems and strategies that support how you work best
  • How to launch your business while working your full time job
  • What to invest in your first year of business - and what NOT to 

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