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Human Design Life Purpose Reading

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Let's explore your life purpose & zone of genius

Sessions now available for July & August!

Inside this 90 minute reading, you’ll discover your Life Purpose through your Human Design chart. We’ll spend this time exploring different aspects of your chart that make you uniquely you and tell the story of your purpose here in this lifetime.

This session is a mix of Human Design and intuitive coaching. We’ll also explore where you currently are in your business journey and/or career and look for clues to help you plan your most aligned next steps. 

Let’s take a deep dive into your chart to learn what you are here to do, how you naturally work best and what may be holding you back from stepping into your power & living your purpose. 

What I mean by that is...

We won't spend this reading going over every foundational piece of your chart, learning Human Design definitions or sticking to a introduction of HD script. 

Each reading is crafted specifically for the individual being read with the intention to re-connect you to your purpose and to give you insight on your natural gifts, innate energetic flow and hidden potential.

My hope is that you will leave our time together with a deeper understanding of your zone of genius and how you can use your gifts to share your passion with the world. 

Although this reading does contain foundational pieces of your Human Design chart, it's not meant to be a typical foundational reading. 

what we will cover:

Your Type and Strategy
• Your Profile Lines
• How your energy feels when you’re out of alignment
• Your signature feeling and how you know you’re in alignment
• Your Incarnation Cross (life purpose)
• Specific Centers, Gates and/or Channels that tell us more about your gifts and life purpose
• and specific Gene Keys that speak to your zone of genius 

Each reading will include:

Whether you're new to Human Design, or you've been exploring your chart for a little while, this reading is for you if you're looking to discover what your chart says about your purpose, how to align your work with your energetic gifts and what your unique success strategy is. 

You will receive a personalized PDF that highlights the main areas of your chart that we explore in your reading. I will also add in any other notes that come up during our time together and tips on how to bring Human Design into your business, career and everyday life. 

After choosing your reading date, you’ll be asked to provide the required information to pull your Human Design chart and any other details you feel are important to share with me. After your reading is complete, your PDF will be delivered via email.

Your Investment: $225

The Details:

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What will you receive?

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