Starting a Business

Overcoming the Overwhelm of Starting Your Nutrition Biz

April 21, 2021

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Today's episode is a behind the scenes look of a Business Breakthrough Session with me. In this session, Kirsten Sinclair-Ritchie, FNTP and I are talking all about how she is feeling, what she is struggling and how she can start taking action!

We chat about:

  • how to prioritize your ideas when starting your business

  • which idea should you start with

  • working through Kirsten niche statement

  • conditioning that stops us and holds us back

  • Manifestor strategy

  • deciding on Kirsten's service type

  • mindset beliefs about 1 on 1 sessions

  • how to talk about the transformation you give your clients

  • having your dream clients self-select the service for their needs

  • basic website needs to get started


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