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Niching Down in Business Using Human Design

October 2, 2021

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To a niche or not to niche?  That is the question.

I have seen time and time and time again, many powerful women get blocked in their businesses over this whole niche creation thing. So, whether you are deep in your niche and you feel really good about it, or you're still tossing ideas back and forth, or you're feeling like I have to pick a niche because other people have told you that you need to pick a niche - this blog post is for you.

Wondering if you need to niche down in your business? The answer may surprise you! 

Use your Human Design to help you find the perfect niche for you.

What is it that you bring to the table?

What are people looking to you to learn about?

What is your business really all about?

What category would they find you on if they were searching for you online?

Your niche is a way of you being able to craft a really clear statement about who you are, what you do, how you do it, and help other people find you.

The whole point of having a niche for your business is that it makes it really easy for other people to find you and your expertise. The internet is a very massive place, so we want to make it really clear what you do and how you do it and who you're for.

Therefore, niching can also help you filter out those people that you're not for as well.

Do you really need to niche down in your business?

A major pro of niching down is that it really makes it easy for you to speak to your ideal client and for your ideal client to find you. It makes your marketing plan so much easier and helps you identify your written copy on your website or on your sales page.

When you have a really clear niche, it's going to just magnify your impact, because it's going to show exactly who you are the expert in helping.

Think of going on to amazon books .com  and then searching through the book categories. Maybe you want a business book. But do you want a business book on marketing, or on content creation, or on finances, or on speaking at live events or on creating your first online website for your business?

See how many topics that just was in that last minute? It's important to keep in mind that niching is really going to help you as you build your business, because the clearer that you become in who you are for and who you're not for, is going to start to magnetize people to you in your business.

A con of niching down is that it can feel really restrictive and that you're pigeon holed in your energy.

I'm not gonna let you have the excuse that niching down is hard because you want to help everyone, and that you want to make sure that you're not excluding anyone, because we know that that is bogus and we know that that doesn't work in online strategy. But I do recognize that niching for some energy types, is really hard because it makes you feel too restrictive.

You may not need to find a super specific niche and this may allow you to follow your design and follow your energetics. You'll be able to dabble in different things or explore different ideas more often.

But again, the con is that it can make it really difficult for you to market and for you to be clear who you're speaking to and who you're trying to attract.


What does your Human Design energy type say about niching down in business?




A lot of Human Design experts will say no they do not need a niche, however, I would say yes or no, depending on your passions and your expertise.

It depends what type of Manifestor you are, what your inner authority is, and how this feels to you and therefore, it may be helpful for you to pick a broader niche because you're going to move from one idea or one project to the next to the next.

You're probably going to have multiple offers in your business, because that feels right to you to work in all of these different buckets and all these different energies.

It could be helpful for you to not really have a specific niche and more of an overcompensating theme. However, it could be really helpful for you to have a niche if you feel called to that and just figure out how you're going to create those different offers in those different projects to speak to that one niche.

I want you to really have the decision and try on both and see what happens.




For Generators, yes, 1000%, you are going to have a very clear niche because you are here to become the expert in that one thing that you do.

You need to own it, you need to go all in, you need to become the expert in that one clear thing and people are going to come to you for years and years for that specific thing that you can do, because you are going to do it so amazingly.

Get really clear on what that specific niche is and if you don't know what it is right now, that's okay, you probably have an idea of a broader topic of what it is.

You might need more client experience or you might need to really get clear on what your purpose is, and how you how you teach other people in that field.

Or maybe it's something that you feel like you're not an expert in yet, but it still could be where you're headed.

If you feel like you're having trouble picking that very specific thing, you might just not be ready for it right away, but it's coming. It's definitely coming.




You definitely do not need a niche, because you're so open, and your energy is going to be changing your business needs to be fluid to that.

It can be helpful to have this overarching theme, but it might feel too locked in or put too much pressure on you to really speak to one narrow thing, because your energy is going to be moving and fluid.




You were here to niche down, you were here to be the expert and to see a certain solution to a problem that others have that they can't see as clearly.

That is going to be your niche, you will become the expert at solving a particular problem. It's time to get clear on what that is!

It's probably going to be something that just naturally comes to you, so you may need to do a bit of work clarifying what method you use to teach, coach or guide others with.

You definitely do want to start thinking about what your specific niche is, and in the tone of how you're going to be the wise guide that helps that person overcome that challenge.


Manifesting Generators


Lastly, for my Manifesting Generators, you probably already guessed it, but no, no, no, you do not need a specific niche. This is because there are going to be so many different branches to your business.

You will most likely have multiple topics that you'd like to talk about within one niche or maybe there's three or four different niches or multiple businesses or streams of income in your business. And this is perfectly okay.

You're never going to be satisfied doing that one thing at a time and you definitely don't want to be pigeon holed into one area, because you will always feel so much resistance around that.

How do you pick a niche?


Let's talk a little bit more about what niching down looks like and if you aren't niching down in the traditional sense... what that would look like if you are niching down.


For my Projectors, and my Generators and any Manifestors who feel called to niche...

I want you to get really specific, not just a niche, but a micro niche, not just a topic, but a very specific branch of that topic.



Let's say that you're a nutritionist and you're a hormone expert. A hormone expert is a specific topic in nutrition, however, think about how many different people and clients would be drawn to you as a hormone expert.

There are actually many different niche topics within hormone expert. 

PCOS, Acne, Infertility, Fertility + Conception, High Testosterone, Low Estrogen, etc.


I want you to think about what your niche topic is, and then get as specific as possible underneath that topic. 


What if you're not niching down?


Even if you're not getting super specific with your niche, I still suggest that you pick a topic to narrow your focus.

This is important because you still need your ideal client to understand who you are and what you do.



You could be a wellness coach and narrow that down to hormone expert. 

Maybe you feel called to be a hormone expert and help women have better periods. But you also feel called to do that with exercise and nutrition, or yoga and meditation, or supplements and movement.


Deciding On Your Niche or Not-so-Niche

No matter what your energy type is or your business is - you're going to get really clear on who you are, what you do, and who you help.

This will help you:

  • craft a clear social media bio
  • write magnetic website copy
  • create a program that solves a specific problem
  • design content that speaks to your ideal clients pain points
  • and build the rest of the foundations of a profitable business


I know that for my clients, it's really been helpful to look at niching down in a completely different way.

It's not about creating this one solid statement that you use forever -  at least not right away.

The goal is that you pick something that gives you and your ideal clients clarity, and you try it out.

You can experiment and you can see what happens, but you need to just move on past the niche statement in order to start building the rest of your business!!

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