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I'm Lexie — energetic business coach. I'm here to help you honour the way you were meant to be successful in your business by designing an aligned biz strategy.


New Years Business Planning Workshop

December 16, 2021

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Can you believe that we're almost into a new year? 2022 is quickly approaching and I don't know about you, but it has been a heck of the last couple of years. Honestly, when I think about it, I feel like it's still 2019.


That's why I wanted to offer you support to help you realign your focus, gain clarity in what you want next year in your business, as well as refocus your energy on what is going to be the most profitable, enjoyable, and aligned for you moving into the new year in your business.


This is a replay of the workshop I ran last December 2020. In this free workshop, we talked all about planning for the new year! I complete this process with my personal and business goals each year-end and I figured why not share the process that I like to use to help you strategically but also energetically plan out your focus going into the new year! 


The 4P’s to Your 2022 Aligned Business Plan 

Let’s go through the PAST, the PRESENT, the PERSPECTIVE, and the PLAN, to help you cultivate more alignment for the New Year ahead. 


PHASE 1 :  Reflect on this PAST year in business

Highlight 3 great things that happened in your business this year.

Time Stamp [06:05] 


Why were these things great?


Last year was a very challenging year in so many ways. However, I know that there's still some good that came out of it in your business. So, let's talk about the good!


Don't overanalyze this; this could literally be the tiniest thing in the world that felt good in your business last year. 


Recognize your feelings and why these things are great. Write them down! This is so important because we want to feel more of that next year.


Highlight 3 great things that happened in your business this year that surprised you

Time Stamp [09:14] 


What was it about these that surprised you?


What was something that you didn't expect to happen? Maybe somebody reached out to you, maybe you reconnected with somebody who led you to a client, maybe it was being asked to be a part of a community, or maybe it was being asked to speak on a podcast. 


What was it about that event that surprised you? Was it the divine intervention that you've been calling in and you've been waiting for it? Was it organic? Was it strategic? What did it teach you? What was the lesson in it?


Get really clear on these magical moments in your business from 2021. 


What are you leaving behind in 2021? 

Time Stamp [12:21] 


Are there emotions, events, turning points, or breakthroughs that you’re not taking with you in 2022? 


Other examples could be: there's an offer that is no longer serving you or your audience to the fullest, or maybe there's a strategy that you've been using, but it doesn't feel right for you moving into the new year. Write down whatever comes to mind.


Phase 2: Clarify what’s happening in the PRESENT


What’s working?

Time Stamp [13:48] 


Moving into phase two, we want to take a look at the present. What has been happening in the last month or so? How have you been feeling lately? 


In the present, we really want to look at what's working. You don't want to try to fix something that's not broken.  If it's already working for you, leave it be. 


What is the present moment looking like for you in your business?


What’s not working?

Time Stamp [15:41] 


Where do you still need to spend some time adjusting? Or what are areas that you may need to revisit, where you already have something in place, but it just doesn't feel aligned or doesn't feel like it's serving you in the direction that you're headed next year? Brain dump now.


What GOALS do you have for 2022?

Time Stamps [17:33] 


Start putting down goals that you've been thinking about going after in 2022. 


Is there a product that you want to launch? 

Is there something that you want to create (like a podcast or video series)?

Do you want to build a community?

Do you want to go out and speak more on other people’s platforms?


Whatever it is that you've been feeling like you want to make happen in 2022,  this is a great time to write those down.


Phase 3: Tune in to your needs and PERSPECTIVE


How do you want to feel in 2022?

Time Stamps [20:12] 


Take a look at your perspective right now, and get clear on how you want to feel as we move into next year.


Since feelings truly come from our thoughts and actions, we want to get clear on what types of thoughts and actions will lead us towards how we want to feel. 


There's no right or wrong answer here. You could name 20 different feelings, or you could name one. You could pick one word for the year, or have a list of 5 clear feelings to cultivate. Anything that feels right for you, is right. 


Decide how you want to feel next year. 


Personal Audit

Time Stamp [25:07] 


Take a moment to reflect on how you are doing and feeling in these six categories of your life: 

  • Your health, wellness (body)
  • Your business, career, work
  • Your relationships, family, friendships
  • Your spirituality (soul)
  • Your finances, responsibilities
  • Your creativity & learning ( mind) 


Business Audit

Time Stamp [34:24] 


Complete a Mini Business Audit on the following 5 categories:


  • Your Messaging
    Ask yourself: Do people know EXACTLY what you do, who you serve and how you serve them? Are you attracting those people? [ 35:21]
  • Your Offers
    Ask yourself: How do you make money? Are you making money? Which offers are doing best or feel the most aligned? Which offers are not doing well? [38:43]
  • Your Delivery
    Ask yourself: How well are you delivering what you are selling? Are you consistently gaining new clients? [38:04]
  • Your Systems
    Ask yourself: How well are you running your business? How do you feel about your systems and organization? [39:06]
  • Your Purpose
    Ask yourself: How well are you connected to your deeper or core reasons for having your own business? [40:09]


Identify your Starting Point for 2022

Time Stamp [47:00]


Where are you on your business journey? You can use the personal and business audit to identify where you are starting from this year. 


What areas do you want to work on the most going into the New Year?

What else are you feeling called to do in your business?  Make sure you have all of those things down before going to move on to the plan. 


“Before you can actually set a goal and make a plan, you have to get really clear on how you actually want to feel.”  -  Lexie Sparrow 


You want to pick one to two things that are going to be your main focus going into 2022. This is helpful because we all have days or weeks where we feel like we have a million things to do or we lose focus. By picking one to two clear areas to focus on, we can put our energy towards that and actually get it accomplished.


Phase 4:  The Action Plan (Plan for an Aligned Q1 of 2022)


What needs to happen for you to achieve your first goal

Time Stamp [56:59] 


Now it’s time to create an action plan for your first big project of the first month of the year! Choose one goal or project you wish to complete and create your clear action plan for achieving it. 


When you're thinking about creating this action plan, the first thing you need to think about is: what are all the steps I need to complete in order to reach my goal?


Brain dump a list of everything that needs to happen. It doesn't have to be perfect and it can get really overwhelming when you start to write things that you don't know how to do, but it's okay. Right now, you don't have to figure out how you're going to do them, you just have to figure out what you think you need to do to get to that goal. 


What do you already know how to do and what do you not know how to do?

Highlight the things that you know how to do, so that we can focus on the stuff that you're worried about, the stuff that you don't know how to do, the stuff that is going to make you procrastinate taking action on. 


Outline your Action Plan

Time Stamp [57:21] 


After you have your brain dump organized, you want to start re-arranging your list into a logical order. Start by listing tasks step-by-step in the order you need to complete them. 

Depending on what your main goal is, you may also find it helpful to work backwards when creating your action plan. What I mean by this is: what is the very last thing you need to do before completing this goal? Then the 2nd to last thing and so forth. 


Break it Down Even Further 

Time Stamp [58:50]   


Take those steps you just wrote out and break them down even further! How can you list steps in a task that you could easily check off once it's completed? What are all the sub-steps?


For example, you want to create a presentation for your online course, you would have to: write the copy, create the slide deck, record the video, edit the video, upload it to a platform, create a transcript of the audio… 


Put it on your Calendar!

Time Stamp [ 01:07:30] 


The next step is to assign due dates to all of these tasks.

Put the tasks on your calendar, so you know exactly when you will be working on them. 


January, February, March… and planning for the rest of 2022

Time Stamp [01:09:36] 


You can use this exact same action plan process to plan out an entire month, a full quarter, or your next big project. 


Repeat this process each month to create clear, strategic action plans for reaching your goals! 


Once it is on your calendar, you know WHEN you will have time and energy to work on your next goal of 2022. You’ll be able to take the pressure off of yourself by figuring out exactly when you have time for new projects, and when you need to align your focus to completing one you have already started. 


Here is how you can start to cultivate more alignment in your business all year long


  • Come back to your why: If you want a business that feels really authentic to you, then you have to know what that actually means for you.

What is your purpose? What is your why? What is your reason for getting your butt out of bed or for working through business plans on days that feel tough? 


  • Complete regular check-ins: Set aside time every month or every time you finish a really big project, to review your schedule and energy management.


Get clear on how your energy feels. Are you reaching the goals you set for yourself? If not, how can you refocus your action plan?


  • Create your own strategy: You don’t have to follow everybody else’s business strategy.

    You can build a system and process that works for you. So, take the pieces of this workshop that really worked for you and create your own check in process and aligned action plan for 2022! 


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Get Your New Years Planning Workshop Workbook

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