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I'm Lexie — energetic business coach. I'm here to help you honour the way you were meant to be successful in your business by designing an aligned biz strategy.

Human Design

Introduction to Human Design Energy Types

September 25, 2021

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Imagine creating a business that attracts your ideal client effortlessly allows you to reach your financial goals, pays you for doing the things that you love to do, gives you the freedom to create what feels right to you, and challenges you to become your most authentic self inside your business.

Basically, what I'm describing is a business that works with you being you.

I know that a lot of those reasons are exactly what I was hoping for when I created my first online business, but it didn't exactly go as planned. In fact, it felt like it was completely burning me out, like I was doing everything by the book and doing all of the strategy, and yet, nothing was working to grow my business.

It really wasn't making me too much money and in the end, I kind of feel more like a failure than anything along my journey to try to find a different way of doing business, a way that felt more aligned, and really could center around what I was supposed to be here to do. I started learning more about Human Design.


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What is Human Design?

It's a system that allows us to understand ourselves on a deeper level. It encompasses the Kabbalah, the Chakras, ancient Chinese teachings, Western astrology, modern sciences (like biochemistry, and astronomy), even quantum mechanics and genetics.

In terms of using Human design for your business, I think it is so beneficial because it's going to tell you how you can schedule, how you can build systems, how you should be creating content, how you could get new clients, how to set boundaries for yourself, how to make decisions, what type of self care is really good for you. And at the core of it all, how you can build a really authentic and aligned business, which essentially means more flow, unless push and force.


Where to start with Human Design?

To get started, you're going to want to actually look up your specific Human Design. By getting your free chart or body graph simply head to:

My Human Design

My Body Graph 

You're going to need your birth date, your birth time and your birth place.

The best place to start learning about your Human Design is to learn more about your Energy Type.  about the five energy types and their strategy.


The Energy Types

There are five different energy types in Human Design.

  • Manifester
  • Generator
  • Manifesting Generator
  • Projector
  • Reflector

Let's take a look at what that means.

The energy type is what Human Design would classify you as it's telling you that your energy moves in a specific way in this world. And your Human Design strategy that goes directly along with your energy type is going to tell you how you should best use this energy, and of course this is going to make a little bit more sense as we get into the five types.


Manifestors make up 9% of the population. They're the trailblazers, the movers and the shakers. They're here to make waves because they are here to initiate and impact others. Their energy does not need to wait like some of the other energy types. Instead, they're actually here to set things in motion. I always picture the Manifestor as the one with the torch, lighting the fire.

Manifestors were designed to get these big urges (they're called manifestor urges) to initiate change, they're here to have these amazing ideas and actually go out and create the change, they can initiate it with their energy.

But they're only meant to work intensely for short periods of time. This is to allow them to have kind of these softer moments in between these urges.

An introduction to the Human Design energy types and strategy. How to use Human Design in your online business.

Manifestors can get frustrated with themselves, when they have these really big urges and they initiate and they have all this energy to start a project or to you know, sit down and write a bunch of Instagram posts... then a few days later, it's completely gone and that energy has left them and they feel like they can't finish the project.

This is very typical of a Manifestor; your energy is going to come in those really intense waves where you're going to initiate and then you're going to feel kind of like a pulling back of the energy and that's okay, we just have to make sure that we set up your business to allow for that to happen.


Manifestor Energetic Strategy


The strategy for the Manifestor is to inform, which means that they need to let others know what the heck they're up to.

They need to tell people about their next move. They don't need to actually ask permission. This is this is the confusing part for a lot of manifestos where maybe they feel like their whole life that they they don't want to have to ask for permission. And it's not about asking someone if you can do something, it's about telling them and telling the universe that you are going to go and create this thing. I always kind of picture it as like, if you have a partner who's a Manifestor, and they just take off out of the apartment.

You as a partner is going to be like:

"Where the hell did they go? What are they doing? Are they okay? Should I have come with them? What are they up to?"

When they could have easily just said "hey, I'm going to start this thing" or "hey, I'm going to do this thing. And you would have been like, okay, cool, see you later" or maybe you would have joined in on their movement.

So as a Manifestor, your strategy is to inform you need to tell others and others energies, what the heck is going on so you can invite others to the party.


Business as a Manifestor


When it comes to business, this is one of the areas that often holds them back is 'fence sitting syndrome'. They've been told that they're too pushy, or that their energy is too overpowering or they're intimidating or, you know, they always make decisions without others opinions, etc. So, a lot of them have been conditioned to not make those decisions, even if they want to, they will wait and they'll sit on the fence and wait. This is what causes it causes.

A lot of Manifestors do not trust their own ideas and not trust that initiating energy or those urges, and instead they're just gonna try to sit back and please everybody.

But if you're a Manifestor, you need to choose a side this is this is the way that you're supposed to be and there's no other type that I can think of so strongly as a Manifester that has haters. You're going to have people that love you, and you're going to have people that don't love you. And that's perfectly okay. That's how you're supposed to be.

When it comes to business, you need to have a very clear niche inside your business and you have to start start showing up as a leader in that niche. You have to start informing everyone around you about what you're doing and you don't necessarily have to explain why unless you want to, or unless it's going to help your audience kind of understand what you're doing.

You don't need to ask permission, but you do need to actually inform others of what's going on. You were designed to create many changes and a unique perspective and you can't do that without having a strong opinion.

But again, remember your strategy: you want others to be a part of the fun as well.


Manifestor Challenges


Some of the challenges that might come up for a Manifestor who runs a business are:

  • waiting for approval
  • not informing those around them
  • not having a clear enough niche where they can really take a stand
  • if they're conditioned, that they're being too pushy or intimidating, if they're trying to just people please or not pick aside
  • if they're not actually able to sit back and embody their own power, and get those manifesting urges to create that change and create that movement.

So if you're a Manifestor, I highly suggest you journal on this, what comes up around this, and over the next couple of weeks, can you start to tune in to those urges that you're getting?


Next up is Generators, and they make up 31% of the population. They are the energized experts, as long as they're doing something that they love to do. generators have a defined sacral center, which means they have consistent access to energy and life force, not all energy types have that there can actually work for pretty long hours, with a really steady energy.

This is essentially what society needed for us to grow; so they were all the builders and the labourers and the construction workers and these people that basically have been the majority of the population since the Industrial Revolution.

Generators have endless energy for doing things that really light them up. So yes, they have a ton of energy.

A common misconception is that Generators will always be energized. But that's not true... Generators can burn out as well, if they're using their energy for the wrong things, if they're getting frustrated by the things that they're using their energy on, they can definitely burn out as well. They can hustle and grind, but at some point, they're also going to burn out.

To avoid the burnout and disappointment, they need to actually be aligned with the work that they were designed to do, they need to really get in tune with focusing on things that they feel that they should be doing, and using their energy to do that rather than forcing themselves or pushing themselves to complete other things.

Other people can take advantage of Generators, especially in the workforce and therefore, Generators need to learn how to set healthy boundaries for themselves. As a business owner, this means with your clients, or your business partners or your schedule, and making sure you've got clear boundaries around that.

An introduction to the Human Design energy types and strategy. How to use Human Design in your online business.

Generator Energetic Strategy


The Generator strategy is to wait to respond, which means that you have to wait until there is something else in the world for you to respond to and your response is going to be how you can actually use your energy. You're going to respond to something or someone and you want to ask yourself.

Is it a hell yes, or a nope, is it uh huh or nu uh?

You'll hear a lot of people when they're talking about Human Design, and that sacral response that generator energy, they'll use  uh huh, or nu uh as a response. That is what it can feel like or sound like to you, when you're making decisions, or you're making decisions on using your energy. You want to make sure you're responding to things that light you up and get you excited.

By waiting enough time to respond to the right things, you're going to be using your endless energy in a direction that's actually going to leave you feeling satisfied, and not frustrated.

A little visual here to represent this better: there's two really tall ladders.

If you don't tune in to to your sacral response and you just start climbing a ladder, you might have the energy to force yourself to the top but when you get to the top and you realize that you actually don't even want to be on the top of this ladder!  You're going to be mighty frustrated, having to climb all the way back down, and then climb all the way up the other ladder.

Taking the time to really tune in to responding with your strategy, then asking yourself, yes or no questions about it, will help you get a yes or no answer from your sacral response in order to use your energy wisely.


Challenges for a Generator


The challenges that will come up for a Generators:

  • Trying to initiate instead of waiting for something to respond to. This is common because they may be conditioned behaviours - like believing that they have enough energy. This can lead to overcommitting or saying yes to everything (people pleasing).
  • Not exploring enough to find the thing that they become an expert in is another challenge that may arise. They may be conditioned that they are just in the workforce and this is their job and they've settled. This makes it hard for them to get out of their comfort zone  and try a few different things to figure out what is your thing.
  • Settling for being somebody else's workhorse or not being clear on the thing that lights you up can be the biggest struggle for Generator
  • Saying YES to the wrong things. The things they feel they should be doing, rather than the things they really want to be doing.


Generators in Business


When it comes to your business, make sure you are truly passionate about your work. This means that your programs, services, products and offerings need to really light you up!  Make sure that whatever you're working on in your business, whatever offers, you're putting out , whatever niche you're talking about, is a topic that really lights you up.

Using your strategy to respond is also really helpful when it comes to business. For example, let's say you're a nutritionist, and your niche is IBS for women. If you get really fired up when there's ads on TV about IBS medications, and you feel like there is a better way to do this - that is you responding to something.


Manifesting Generator

Next, Manifesting Generators. They're basically like the super-humans of Human Design based on energy type because they have both the Manifester and the Generator. They make up 37% of the population.

They are here to respond, and then initiate. They move very quickly, and they will change their minds often. That's perfectly okay for them, they're actually able to have the power to initiate an action and the energy to back it up and complete a project. So, they're like the ultimate multitaskers.

However, they also have the opposing forces of wanting to move into action too quickly, like a Manifestor, but need to wait for something to respond to, like a Generator.

They have to wait to respond to the right things, or the right people at the right time and then inform those around them when they've actually made a decision that they want to go for.


Manifesting Generator Energetic Strategy


So let's talk about that a little bit more, because that comes up in their strategy. The strategy for a Manifesting Generator is to wait to respond and then inform. They have to be open enough to receive these things to respond to and then once they have something to respond to, they can actually initiate and go out there and do it. It's not that they're waiting for's that they're waiting for a sign, or again, a response that this is the right timing for them to go and initiate and use their energy in this direction.

They're also going to have that sacral response. Asking themselves- yes, or no questions - should I do this? Should I do that? Should I wear black?

It's important for them to respond to the things that light them up as well.


Challenges for Manifesting Generators


Some challenges in business for Manifesting Generators are:

  • trying to initiate before they have something to respond to and this is going to leave them feeling super angry and frustrated
  • being conditioned to believe that they have to choose one direction, or make one decision without testing at first.
  • committing to one niche and trying to stick to doing just one thing. I think that this is the one type that will have the hardest time really niching down and putting themselves into a box.
  • Wanting to work on a million projects at once, feeling like they're capable of it - but then feeling the resistance and burn out later on from taking on too much at once
  • Moving so fast that you're skipping steps and not actually completing any of the things you started


Projectors make up 22% of the population and they usually have a way of seeing things that other people can't, or breaking down different systems and processes into really easy pieces.

They are great at coming up with new ways of doing things or just seeing things from another angle. They're also really great at recognizing gifts and others, because they're usually pretty intuitive or at least open.

Projectors as an energy type have a lot of open centers, which essentially just means that they are going to take in a lot of energy around them.

This lets them really see other people, however, this can also make other people feel pretty vulnerable around them, especially if they haven't actually asked for the Projector to see them in the first place.

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Since they have these very open centers, they also have very inconsistent energy. They're not here to push and grind in force and work these eight 9-10 hour days. In fact, Human Design actually recommends that they only output energy and work for two to three hours at a time or two to three hours a day.

Projectors tend to see what needs to be done a lot of times, but don't have a lot of energy to follow through with it on their own. They see the most efficient way to do something, they know the answer, they know how not to waste time and energy.

But because they don't have a lot of energy to use, it's really important for them to manage their energy wisely so that they're not just outputting - outputting - outputting all the time.


Projectors Energetic Strategy


In terms of a strategy for Projectors, it's to wait to be invited. They have to wait until someone actually asks them for help or asks them for their opinion.

This kind of opens up the gates and lets them into somebody else's aura or somebody else's energy. It allows them to also use their energy with purpose and lets them be seen and heard, which is so validating to a Projector. It gives them purpose, drive and lets them know that someone sees them as the expert or guide in that situation.

Waiting is the hard part for a lot of Projectors. They have to get really comfortable living their truth and knowing their worth, and not having their worth rely on other people or have other people dictate their worth for them.

They need to be able to sit there and really become the master or the guide or the lighthouse for other people in terms of what they can see that others might not be able to. Then when others are ready, they're going to find the Projector, and they're going to invite them in.


Challenges for Projectors


Some of the biggest challenges for Projectors include:

  • Trying to guide people before they actually have the invitation
  • Feeling bitter when someone doesn't accept their help and advice. They don't feel validated, they don't feel seen, they don't feel heard.
  • Coming off as bossy or controlling - which just stems from them not actually receiving an invitation to help or share their opinion
  • Trying to hustle and grind like a Generator or MG. It is not going to work for them and can lead to over scheduling or not setting strong enough boundaries around their time and energy
  • Especially if you work in a service based business where you're picking up on other people's energies all day long, it's important to set clear time boundaries with clients.


It's really important for Projectors to prioritize their learning, growth and mastery. This is huge. In business, you do need to tell people what you're about and what you know and what you do. You need to share how you are the expert. This is how people will invite you in.

An introduction to the Human Design energy types and strategy. How to use Human Design in your online business.


The last type is Reflectors and they are the most rare making up 1% of the population. They actually reflect energy back to us, so they are completely open, which means they can just in take all of our energy.

They are here to mirror back the positive energy, health and the wealth of society. But they are constantly taking on energies of those around them and in their environment, which can be completely exhausting.

As a Reflector, I could imagine, also very confusing. Since they're taking in other people's energies or energies from their environment all the time, it can be really confusing as to what is theirs and what is not theirs, what they're actually just taking in. They not only take it in, but they amplify it as well.

Reflector Energetic Strategy


It's really important that Reflectors also use their strategy, just like every other type. Their strategy is to wait a full lunar cycle or 28 days like a moon cycle.

They need to wait until they know that the energy is theirs that they're using. It takes a lot of time for them make decisions and they have to really kind of go back and forth and weigh the pros and cons, really sit with it, sleep on it, sleep on it again and make sure that it's their energy and their ideas that they're using instead of just picking up on other people.

Their energy is going to change a lot from day to day and week to week. They need to surround themselves with positive people and positive energies as much as possible.


Challenges for Reflectors


When it comes to challenges in business, that whole strategy of waiting a full moon cycle alone, meeting a whole month to make a decision can be a really difficult position to be in.

Setting up your business so that you are working months ahead of schedule will give you enough time to really roll out anything that you want to roll out and have the time and space to make aligned decisions.

They're conditioned to try to make decisions faster, which makes them completely unaligned decisions. They can also really get caught up in using others energies to kind of push or force themselves and if they don't know that they're a Reflector, they don't know this about themselves can be really confusing, because their whole life, they've probably acted like all of these different energy types.In fact, they say in a month, that a Reflector is going to go through different phases of acting like all of the different energy types.

Again, making sure that they really surround themselves with positive energies with people who are supportive of their business, who can kind of be a sounding board, but not infringe their energies, or their thoughts on them, kind of just hold space for them, and really clear boundaries in their business to protect their needs.



What's next in your Human Design journey?

To be honest, there is so much to dive into and so much to learn, it can get really, really overwhelming. Whether this is your first time hearing about Human Design, or you've already started to look into your chart, this is my advice on using your Human Design going forward...



Make sure that you are really digging into your energy type and your strategy. This is the way that your energy is supposed to move, and how you know when to use your energy, which means that even if you know all of your gates and signs and numbers inside your human design chart, you really need to make sure that above all else, you're using your strategy and you're living your design. So that's a fabulous place to start.


Start thinking about how you relate to this energy type. You can look up the self themes and the not self themes that happen when you are living alignment as your energy type and not living aligned as your energy type. Start to journal around when you feel most aligned and like you're actually following your strategy and when you are not. This will help you start to bring awareness to how you are currently using your energy!


If you would like to learn EVEN MORE about your Human Design Energy Type and how to use it in your business, I've created a Free Masterclass for you!

In this 70 min Masterclass, you'll learn how to create an aligned & thriving business using your unique Human Design. Plus, you'll receive a Human Design Cheat Sheet and a Workbook, so you can start taking aligned action using your design this week!


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