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I'm Lexie — energetic business coach. I'm here to help you honour the way you were meant to be successful in your business by designing an aligned biz strategy.


Using Intuition to Make Better Decisions in Your Business

October 28, 2021

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Do you struggle with making the right decision for your life or business?

Making the right decision is an important part of living a happy and fulfilling life. Each decision is a path in itself, one you can choose to walk or not. And sometimes, the best way to make a decision is to simply follow our intuition!

Today, we’re shedding some light on this whole intuition thing. My guest today is Brittany and our conversation includes everything from "how do I know what my intuition even is?" to "how do I lean into it and hear it?"

Brittany is an Intuitive Mentor that helps to guide you to a place of freedom and transformation with self-healing, honest inner work, community, and joy. With the power of her own intuition and your internal intuition, Brittany’s brand- Her Free Life - helps you to cultivate internal freedom and balance. In her words,


“ We all have the power to heal ourselves, my role is just to show you the way. ”

As we talk more about intuition, we also explore healing, knowing our intuitive gifts, signs from spirit guides, and our own business journeys. Brittany will also show us what it's really like to pivot in business and make important decisions based on intuition, giving us advice on how to feel the fear, trust our gut, and do it anyway.

So if you’ve been looking for a deeper connection with your intuition but you’re unsure how to get started- this episode is for you! 


Episode Highlights: 

  • [03:53] How to make a BIG pivot in your business 
  • [05:19] What Brittany does to guide the direction of her business using intuition
  • [06:49] How Brittany pivoted her business this past year
  • [12:11] Why it’s important to listen to your intuition when making important business decisions
  • [23:40] How to find the balance between listening to your intuition and letting go of your fear + trusting your inner knowing!
  • [27:30] The key to truly listening to your intuition 
  • [29:19] How to deal with impostor syndrome as a coach or an entrepreneur
  • [34:25] Knowing and recognizing your intuition + differentiating your intuition from your ego vs fears
  • [36:09] How to listen to your intuition in different ways
  • [44:18] How intuition will show you exactly what you need in order to heal 
  • [49:39] Why Intuition is a gift to be celebrated + the pivotal moments in every healing journey 
  • [54:37] Creating an authentic business is a process of finding people who are also on the same journey as you 
  • [55:21] Brittany shares her biggest advice for someone about trusting their intuition
  • [56:19] What to focus on to truly lean into your intuition to open doors in your life & business



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Episode 43: How to Use Your Intuition to Make Better Decisions in Your Business with Brittany of Her Free Life

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