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How To Create Irresistible Services for Your Coaching Business

January 13, 2022

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What does it actually take in order to create your first truly irresistible service as an online coach? Today we're going to answer that question!

In this special replay of "Ask the Expert", interviewer and creator of the NTA Collective Group Jessie Zillmer asks me all about how to create a coaching service that feels easy (and fun) to sell, even when you're just starting out as a nutritionist, health coach, practitioner, life coach or consultant online!

What we chat about:

[00:46] - Introduction

[01:04] - Feeling like you're overwhelmed with where to start when creating offers

[02:36] - Topic Introduction - Creating offers as a coach

[03:55] - The 3 Biggest Mistakes new coaches make when creating services

[07:36] - Why picking a niche does matter as a new coach or practitioner

[09:10] - What is your ideal client actually searching for?

[12:30] - Getting strategic about your services

[19:30] - The #1 thing coaches miss when creating their offer that you CANNOT miss anymore!

[22:10] - Doing great market research will make your offer irresistible

[22:53] - How to conduct market research

[28:00] - What is the real problem your client thinks they have?

[30:55] - How to actually create the offer

and more!



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