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I'm Lexie — energetic business coach. I'm here to help you honour the way you were meant to be successful in your business by designing an aligned biz strategy.

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How to Build Your Wellness Website, Made Easy!

March 4, 2021

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When it comes to starting your wellness business, one of the things you do not want to miss out on is the opportunity to claim some real estate on the internet with a great website. However, I know first hand about the anxiety, overwhelm, tech issues and budget that come along with building your first website. Luckily, there are amazing hosting sites, low cost templates and passionate creators (like my guest today) out there who can help you get your website up and running in no time!

Today’s I am very excited to welcome my guest Lizzie on the show! Lizzie LaCour is the founder of Kinship Content, a brand and website design studio for women in holistic health and wellness. They help women gain confidence and clarity through strategic design so they can book ideal clients, grow their income, and increase their impact.

In this episode, Lizzie is walking us through all of the need to know basics of getting your beautiful, branded and converting website up and running!

We chat about:
5:00 - Lizzie's background
9:00 - Lizzie's Human Design experience
11:30 - Lexie's Human Design
14:00 - Why it's important to have a website and not just a social media page
16:30 - How to get started with your wellness website
20:40 - Do you need to invest in a custom website?
23:00 - Website Templates, Custom Design or DIY?
25:00 - Photography tips for your website
29:38 - Nailing down your messaging for your website + copywriting tips
35:30 - Auditing your first site with friends
37:20 - About Me page
40:00 - Services page
45:14 - Speak to the outcome of your services + copywriting tips
49:00 - Formatting your Services page for your ideal client
53:20 - Finding your ideal clients needs
57:20 - Contact Page + other opportunities to connect with you
60:00 - Should you put a scheduling link or direct booking on your page?
64:00 - What is the best website platform to get started with?


Interested in how to start your own coaching business?

Learn the Essential Steps for Starting Your Own Coaching Business with my business checklist!

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