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I'm Lexie — energetic business coach. I'm here to help you honour the way you were meant to be successful in your business by designing an aligned biz strategy.

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Creating Resilience within Yourself & Your Business

October 7, 2021

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Overwhelmed by everything that you do but still feel like you're not doing enough?

As business owners, we tend to believe that if we keep hustling, we will reach a point of freedom, relaxation, and ease within our businesses. In reality, we may be facing burnout without even realizing it. Our focus is often on the mind, believing it is only a mental issue. We use our mindset to work or enjoy a vacation for a change of perspective. But after that, we find ourselves back in that survival state, and the burnout cycle never ends.

Burnout is not just a phase, but something physiological that occurs in our body.

Getting out of the stress-cycle requires us to look at the whole picture of what is causing our stress and holistically treat the root causes. It’s so important to address stress because if our bodies aren’t healthy, our business won’t be either. 

In today’s episode, we’ll hear from Sunn, who is a certified functional medicine health coach, master Reiki practitioner, and holistic herbalist. She helps impact-driven business owners get unstuck, escape the overwhelm & burnout cycle & create a resilient self & business of freedom. In her practice, she uses mind-body medicine, energy work, principles of psychology, herbalism, spirituality, functional nutrition, and more. 

The purpose of Sunn's coaching business is to help entrepreneurs feel & show up as their best self, so that they can create a ripple effect of change within the world.

Let's dive deeper into what burnout is and the physiological effects it has on our bodies, so that we can gain back the energy to become the resilient and healthy entrepreneurs we want to be.

Episode Highlights: 

  • [04:30] Sunn reveals her own life journey + how she got into coaching entrepreneurs  around overwhelm and burnout
  • [06:17] What causes burnout, exhaustion, and overwhelm among business owners?
  • [08:28] Living in alignment and flow as a business coach +  breaking free from old paradigms that keep us stressed
  • [11:26] How to keep our nervous system on guard against stress and hustle
  • [12:12] Training your body + nervous system to keep you in homeostasis + calm
  • [16:07] What is Survival Overdrive Syndrome ( SLS) and how to get out of the survival mode +  learning the physiology behind it
  • [17:21] Burnout and the role cortisol production plays in the stress response cycle
  • [20:27] Clearing out business stressors to prevent overflow
  • [20:36] Stress is more than just mental, it's also physical
  • [25:51] The most valuable asset in your business is you, your time, energy, and inspiration
  • [28:52] How can we build resilience in the face of burnout + exhaustion period?
  • [34:06] Creating space for more resiliency + what are considered healthy stressors 
  • [38:32] Start slowly by working on your nervous system this week - follow one of these action step
  • [39:45] Burnout occurs when you feel disconnected from your purpose
  • [39:55] Connecting back to your purpose and WHY is your guiding light in business and life

We have so many different pathways that we can go to achieve the things that we want to do and what lights us up! 

Ultimately, the most effective way to achieve alignment and energy flow in our business is by working on ourselves and being able to survive that exhaustion, that burnout, and all of the stuff that's blocking us in our business.

Additionally, showing up to your business and using your gifts doesn't have to be one way. If you do the work to peel back the layers of yourself and release your stressors, it would be easier to share yourself with the world. 


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Creating Resilience within Yourself & Your Business with Sunn Mixon

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