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I'm Lexie — energetic business coach. I'm here to help you honour the way you were meant to be successful in your business by designing an aligned biz strategy.

Online Marketing

Crafting Your Message to Connect with Your Ideal Client

June 16, 2022

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Whether you are just starting your business from scratch, making a pivot or you've been in the game for a while, your messaging is the key foundation to setting you up for success, sustainability and profit in your business.

Having clarity on your brand and business message is all about knowing who you are and who you help. It makes it so much easier for you to show up and share your knowledge and your zone of genius with the world when you know exactly who you are talking to online.

Our guest today is Claire. She’s here to teach us how to get our messaging right, show up consistently and connect with the right people online.

Claire Gallagher is a strategist, designer, mother of two, Irish expat living in France and dedicated to helping solo service businesses show up online and connect with their ideal client.  Claire is full of wisdom and I highly suggest that you take out a pen and paper for this episode because she gives us a step by step strategy for defining your clear business messaging.

Connect with Claire:

Free strategy template and links to a strategy 'audit'.






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