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Ways to Work With Lexie

In this Life Purpose Human Design reading, you will learn what you are here to do, how you naturally work best, your life purpose themes and your unique energetic code for success in business.

Human Design

Let's take a deep dive into the energetics of your business. I'll identify your current blocks & where you have opportunities to increase ease, flow & abundance. Receive a custom curated blueprint to unlock your new alignment tools.

Business Alignment

I can help you get crystal clear on which possibilities will feel the easiest and most aligned for you, with the least amount of resistance.

I can guide you to finding your biggest challenges and areas that may be blocking you from success (that you may not even consciously be aware of). 

And I can support you in creating new routines, practices, tools and strategies to unlock your full potential as a purpose-driven entrepreneur.

There are an infinite number of possibilities for sharing your expertise with the world.

Become your most authentic & powerful self, by creating customized routines & boundaries to keep you in your highest vibration.


Update or redesign your business strategy based on your energetic code, your strengths & how you naturally attract the right people.

Aligned attraction

Get clear on the 'holes' in your current plan and how you might be 'leaking' energy, so you can set boundaries to improve your own energy & increase creativity. 

improved Flow

Finally stop worrying about the next move is. Craft a decisive plan, so you can feel secure in knowing what to do next in your business.

Peace of mind

Create a list of top priorities, so you will only commit to things that are aligned & nourishing for you going forward.

know what to say yes to

What You'll Receive By Working With Lexie