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After this session together, you will have complete awareness of how you are currently using your energy in your business and walk away with clear steps to take to create better alignment moving forward.

Business Alignment Session

Are there any systems, offers, or areas of your business that are causing you to 'leak' energy and waste your resources?

Are you truly lacking the correct information and logical business strategy? Or are you actually blocking yourself from seeing progress based on your current patterns, beliefs & subconscious stories?

Are you operating your business from your highest potential? Are you leveraging your innate gifts & strengths?

In this session, we will take a deep dive into the energetics of your business and the current structure of your business foundations. You will walk away with a curated list of recommendations that support you in re-aligning your business to your natural energy and flow.

Are you using your time & energy efficiently in your business?

This Business Alignment Session is uniquely created for YOU and where you are currently on your business journey.

I will create a customized session to support you in finding balance, alignment & unlocking more flow in your business.

This is a perfect fit for you if you're interested in receiving intuitive guidance, personal development & energetics, along with tangible action steps & business strategy. 


No two sessions are alike.

  • 60 minute session on Zoom, Investment $160 USD

  • I will pull aspects of your Human Design Chart, Gene Keys and any intuitive messages I receive before your reading

  • During our time together, we'll discuss your current blocks & work on one specific area of your business

  • This session is collaborative, as you'll actively participate with questions or your thoughts, feedback and ideas

  • We'll create a custom Alignment Blueprint for you. This blueprint will be made up of tools, resources, rituals, action steps, and anything else that comes up during our reading - for you to take with you into your business


The Details

What Makes Up Your Session?

Your Human Design Chart

Your Gene Keys pearl sequence

Intuitive Guidance

Channeled messages 

each Session is unique to the individual, but may include:

Cycle Synching/Moon Syncing 

Conscious entrepreneurship practices

foundational business strategies

masculine + Feminine business energetics

How to feel more confident in your branding & messaging, so you attract the right people

Here are some common session topics:

How to create opportunities to naturally attract New clients to you

How to create organization & project management systems to execute all your ideas

How to start speaking directly to your ideal client, instead of trying to speak to everyone

Social media and content creation that feels easier, so you never run out of things to say or teach your audience

What type of service is best for your business & how to get started creating it quicker

What comes next, if you're feeling lost or stuck with what to focus on to grow your business

How to outline an aligned signature program that people actually want to buy

Discover a new way of doing business, including:




Energetic Service

Consistent Content


Conscious Email Marketing


— TaYlor J

"My session with Lexie was unreal! She just gets it! It was a such a great balance of strategy and intuition based guidance along with Human Design. This is the first coaching I've experienced that incorporates all of that and delivers just what I need, even if I don't know what I need!"

You feel like you haven't found the right answers to your challenges through the traditional, logical approach to business and are looking for something deeper. You might even get a "ping" or intuitive hit that this is right for you. 

You want to start creating a better balance between growing your business, supporting your mastery in your chosen field, deeply serving your clients while still focusing on your own wellbeing 

You want to explore running your business through the lens conscious entrepreneurship & your Human Design

You are a service-based entrepreneur like a coach, healer, teacher, trainer, nutritionist, consultant or problem solver

This is for you if...

You're overwhelmed with what to try next or you're simply feeling very stagnant and stuck in current business strategy. You're ready to redesign your approach and begin working with your energy, rather than against it.

The next steps...

Pick your date and time from the calendar below. Fill out the form, so I can get to know you and your business. You'll pick the ONE area you want to focus on during our session.

Once you have submitted your time and date, you'll receive an invoice for payment via email in the next 48 hours. Once payment is received, your booking is confirmed. 

On the day, make sure you have water, a note pad & a quiet space. You may also want to take a moment to set a clear intention for our session before we connect on Zoom. 

After our session, you'll receive a customized PDF with your Alignment Blueprint we create during your session. You'll also receive a copy of the recording for you to keep.





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— stephanie C

"Lexie has an incredible way of mapping out an entire system from your ideas. She was able to see the exact vision I had for my business that I was not able to figure out how to actually create! She gave me the clear plan and lit my soul up!"


"My session was nothing short of incredible! You have guided me to a clear path forward through all of my jumbled thoughts that had been keeping me stuck in my business. I can’t thank you enough!"

Based on what comes up during our reading, I will create a customized PDF for you. Inside this Alignment Blueprint, you'll find tools, resources, books, and more to help you apply what you learned about yourself & your business.


How the session goes all depends on what YOU need support with. I will use my own intuitive process, blended with foundational business strategies and pieces of your Human Design chart to guide you in our session.

Blended Guidance

Zoom session where we get to chat 1:1 and dive deep into what is happening (or not happening) in your business.

1:1 Session

What's Included?


"Lexie has a beautiful way of reflecting my intuition back to me. She sees my experience from an objective and supportive point of view, and lends her grounded perspective to help me see things in an empowered way. After my session with her, I feel LIT UP and inspired to take aligned action. She's really good at helping people get energetically un-stuck. Thank you for your magic, Lexie!"

— Amy C

"I booked my session with Lexie after finding her on Instagram. Wow! I was completely blown away by our sessions together! Every challenge that I was stuck on, she had multiple options for what I should try next. She never pushed an agenda on which I should choose, but rather led me to make my own choices and encouraged me to feel into what felt the best for me. I am so excited to start putting into practice all we discussed. My only regret is not booking with Lexie sooner!"