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I'm Lexie — energetic business coach. I'm here to help you honour the way you were meant to be successful in your business by designing an aligned biz strategy.

Starting a Business

A Virtual Assistant’s Views on Establishing, Expanding, & Scaling Your Business

October 21, 2021

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Scaling is what every new business entrepreneur strives for. But where do you begin? 

Growing into a successful, established empire is not an easy transition to make. If you want to run a successful and profitable business, you need to get clear on the systems and the setup that are going to allow you to establish your expertise, expand your connections, and scale your business. And that is how our guest today, Desi, helps other entrepreneurs succeed. 

Desi is the Founder & CEO of Virtually Sourced Solutions LLC, an international SVA™ consultancy firm with pillars of integrity, quality service, collaboration, and innovation. As a published author, course creator, and certification founder, she and her team truly put their over 65 specialties to highly-efficient, highly-effective use. With 2 young kids at home (aged 6 & 4), the ability to multitask to get things done is touted.

In this episode, Desi will not only walk us through her 3-step process to establish, expand and scale your business, but she will also take us through the behind-the-scenes of her business today. 

We talk about her journey from being a Super Virtual Assistant, to finding the perfect balance between work and life. She tells us about how to do the internal and external work involved in gaining insights from customer experiences and buyer journeys, and on top of that -  how serving people with authenticity will make you stand out the most!

So, if you are looking for that extra motivation on taking your business to the next level, as well as steps and ways to drive your business forward, look no further than this episode!


Episode Highlights: 

  • [04:30] Creating balance between being a mom and an entrepreneur while leading a team
  • [05:02] How to stay energized and aligned while wearing different hats + juggling many roles
  • [06:43] What you need to know to get started in growing and scaling your business. 
  • [07:12] The first step towards establishing yourself  and your business
  • [08:45] A crucial tip on how to grow your business organically 
  • [08:51] Learn how Desi’s “predictive index analysis” works and how it can benefit your client establish their uniqueness
  • [16:14] How to begin building brand promoters + network with others in their field to market and expand your business
  • [18:12] Finding spaces + energy  where you can really connect with other entrepreneurs on a personal level
  • [22:37] The biggest problems every business owner faces when scaling up
  • [23:47] The most effective method/strategies to use when growing your business 
  • [28:57] How to pitch yourself in a way that feels good
  • [30:43] How to be your most authentic self and use that to make your business stand out   


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