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5 Ideas for Increasing Your Business Revenue This Holiday Season

December 9, 2021

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I know that when you tend to think of holiday shopping you think of discounts, gifts or freebies. The BOGO sales, the holiday sales; I mean, we've already passed Black Friday, and I'm sure you picked up a few things for yourself. 

So, it makes sense that we think that in order to increase our sales during this time of year, we have to discount our coaching services or our products. Although this can be super tempting to do, I highly request that you think twice, especially if you're a new coach. 

There are so many reasons why I don't love discounting your services. First, once you discount the price you discount the value. Second, people who buy at a lower rate might not be willing to do the higher-level work (which means they might not get the result they want). And of course, once you discount, customers may expect to wait until the next time you discount to work with you.  

When it comes to your one-on-one coaching offers or your coaching services, I really would like to see you implement the strategies in this blog to increase your sales during the holiday season, rather than discounting yourself and your services.

In this episode:

  • [02:45] Reasons why you shouldn't discount your services this holiday season
  • [03:15] Strategies online coaches can start to implement now to generate more sales vs discounting their products or coaching services during holiday promotions
  • [03:57] How to create an easy passive offer that you can sell to your ideal clients during the holidays (with examples)
  • [10:24] Unique and intuitive ways to collaborate with other business owners to increase sales and attract a new audience for the new year
  • [13:10] How to make your signature offer really stand out and use it whenever you need a revenue boost for your coaching business
  • [15:40] How this one style of coaching offer can save you time, energy, and help kickstart your service-based business sales (especially around the holidays)
  • [17:00] My tip for increasing sales now, and bookings later (psst - gift cards)
  • [19:26] Do whatever works for you this holiday season! 
  • [19:42] Why New Year is a great time to try ALL these holiday promotion tips if you are a health or wellness professional 

So, without further adieu, here are 5 ideas for increasing your service business revenue this holiday season:


1.  Create a Mini Passive Offer 

A passive offer is something that is all ready to go and wherever you sell your products and services online, so someone can come and buy it at any time. Once it's all set up, it will passively sell itself as opposed to actively having to go out and have sales calls or register people or manually process the sale.

A few examples include An in-depth guide on your niche topic, meal plans, home workout plans, a mini-course, or a video series on a topic you teach.

Think about something that is easy and doesn’t take a lot of time to put together, something that is a lower ticket price, and therefore going to set you up for a quick way to generate passive income this holiday season.

Maybe it's already a part of what you teach in your larger coaching program. Maybe it's that little piece of information that would help your client really get a taste of what you do, and help shift their mindset to work with you in the future. Or it could be something as simple as something that your clients and customers always ask you about, but you don’t really teach or offer inside your current services.

Something else to think about is just keeping it really easy and fun. Bonus: this could be something that someone can add onto a service that they already get from you in the future too!

Go Above and Beyond

You might want to think of something that has to do with the holidays or a topic that someone would struggle with around this holiday season. This is going to really help you sell it as a holiday offer or promotion.

What is a challenge for your clients at this time of year?

Examples: If you're a nutritionist, it might be all the food and beverages at events. If you're a fitness coach, it might be the parties and the fact that they have so much more to do outside of work that they're having trouble fitting their workouts. And if you are a mindset coach or transformation coach, it might be all of the memories that this time of year brings up. It could be the relationships that we know we have to have in our lives, like certain family members, but might be triggering for our inner child or shadow.

What I want you to think about is: what type of extra support could your ideal client use during this time of year and how could you package that up into a passive offer? How can you give prospective clients or current clients a little bit of a boost of support over the holiday season?


2.  Offer a Group Coaching Service  

This could be holiday-themed or on a topic of struggle for your ideal client at this time of year. Or it could be something fun to do in community or in a group!

People love to gather and host events this time of year. Why not take advantage of this and create an offer that multiple people (friends, co-workers, family members) can enjoy together?

As an example: “this is a great girls night for you to catch up and learn about X, Y, and Z.”

Think of topics you could teach to a group of people that could become interactive. Maybe it’s a healthy cooking class, a Q + A on a popular topic, or another niche area you teach that requires a step-by-step tutorial. You could also offer a paid Masterclass or Workshop. 


3.  Collaborate With Other Business Owners

You could collaborate with one or two other business owners and come up with an offer that is completely new and unique. This works particularly well if you have similar or parallel niches that really complement each other.

Not only would this help increase your sales for this month, but it would also assist you in getting in front of a new audience before the start of the new year, which is even better. Plus, you get the opportunity to work with another business owner and connect for the community, which is always fun.

Examples of this could be: interviewing each other, a pre-corded training, in-person events, having a themed day, or covering commonly asked questions about your niches. 


4. VIP Days

One-to-one sessions with an expert (that’s you) are always perceived as high value. Now, you may be at the point in your business where this is definitely something that you don't do very often (and therefore could be even juicier), but if you’re a newer coaching this could also make an amazing timely offer to extend to your current audience!

Before offering a VIP Day type of service, make sure you have your messaging and signature offer nailed down. This way you can differentiate clearly between this holiday promo offer and your bread and butter program. 

So, what is a VIP day you ask? It’s a one-to-one session where you dive deep on a niche topic with your ideal client and really help them make a massive transformation or big progress all in a short period of time (one day). 

You could use this strategy literally anytime you need a revenue boost in your business, but since we're talking specifically for the holiday season, here are a few things to think about for creating your holiday VIP day. 

First, is there a common theme or question you get around the holidays? Could you set someone up for success during the holiday season or going into the new year? Do you have a system you teach that you could use with someone in one day? Do you provide any done-for-you services that you could offer in a day?

Once you’ve decided on the topic, you then need to decide how long you would need to complete this promise - either collaboratively with your client, or in pieces during the day with your client working on things too. This will help you determine what the “day” in VIP really means. I think a good rule of thumb would be a minimum 2.5 hours.

Here is an example: One of my clients is a virtual assistant and she specializes in social media. Specifically, she helps manage and strategize other people's social media platforms for their business, including creating content, scheduling it, and adding strategy (think hashtags, branding, or time of day to post). So, what we did was create a VIP day and offered it for Black Friday. The VIP day included 30 days of holiday marketing + content done for you! 

This was perfect for her clients who were having holiday sales, revving up to launch in January, or for those who wanted to take some time off for the holiday season but wanted to keep showing up online.


5.   Offer Gift Cards

Yes, gift cards! I know we often only think of gift cards for stores and retail, or for one-to-one services where it's an hourly-based rate ( like massage therapy). But you can totally use gift cards in your business to help boost your revenue this holiday season!

Now, you might be thinking: “but no one is going to pay the entirety of my program ($2000) and gift it to someone!” and I get that. So here are a few ideas: have different set gift card prices that can be used towards your bigger program, combine mini offers into a special package and offer that as a gift, or maybe open up some VIP days, one-to-one session to kick start progress for your audience in January that people can buy gift cards for! 

If you already have somewhere to take online payments, check to see if they allow you to create gift cards (lot of online schedulers do). If not, you can easily set up a Paypal or Stripe link for the gift card amount! 


You need to do whatever works for you this holiday season!

I hope this article helped you think of a few creative ways you could offer a holiday promo and increase your revenue this month, without having to feel pressured to discount your services! If you're ready to give these tips a try, reach out and let me know what you created and how it went!


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