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I'm Lexie — energetic business coach. I'm here to help you honour the way you were meant to be successful in your business by designing an aligned biz strategy.


5 Core Systems Every Service Based Business Needs

October 15, 2020

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How to create systems that save time & make your business thrive

You’re feeling overwhelmed by all your to-do lists, getting buried in day to day tasks that aren’t making you money and you have a million great ideas to move your biz forward, but where would you even find the space in your schedule?

Are you ready to save time, feel more organized and finally grow your thriving dream business? These systems building steps will relieve stress, get you organized and help you be more productive. If you own a wellness business, keep reading to learn how you can implement simple systems into your biz and alleviate the soloprenuer overwhelm.

It’s not that you don’t know what to do…

Feeling overwhelmed when you don’t know what to do makes perfect sense.

I mean, if this is your first time EVER sending an email, then yes an entire email system that on-boards clients automatically seems super overwhelming. Or if all you’ve ever known about making money in a wellness business is one-on-one services, then coming up with a scalable solution to grow your biz in less time also seems super overwhelming.

But it’s not about not knowing “what to do”.

I am going to say this in the most loving way: * you know what you need to do *

You’ve taken the online courses, you’ve invested in workshops, you’ve listened to the podcasts and gotten the self-help & business books. I see you! I know that you are passionate about what you do and that your small business is mighty - because you so badly want to make an impact while being your own boss and creating something magical in the world.

🦄You want it to be profitable.

You want it to be a success, a money-maker, a way out of your full time gig, a way to make a big impact on the world, a dream job. But you’re 6 months, 1 year, 2 years… in and you just keep getting stuck because you’re unclear on how to prioritize, implement & execute your ideas quickly & efficiently and turn your dream 🦄 into a reality.

When will you get off the treadmill?

You know, the one where you procrastinate, or get busy doing other tasks that aren’t making you money but you feel comfortable doing so you just keep repeating them. The days you spend feeling like you’re going to pull your hair out looking for that one form, or tracking down that email you swear you sent, or trying to juggle way too many projects at once or committed to too many things in one week. Or how about the times you sit down to FINALLY … update that website, create that new email opt-in, write those Instagram & Facebook posts and it literally takes you all day to get halfway done.

You need a system.

A system is a procedure, process, method, or course of action designed to achieve a specific result. It’s the ultimate structure that is designed to help your business flow, instead of force, push, stop, pause, rewind. Systems are great because they eliminate the “should’s” and replace everything with a clear roadmap of getting day-to-day tasks accomplished efficiently.

A great system also gives you “stats” of what’s working, so you don’t have to waste extra energy, money, resources on areas that are already working for you and making you money or already pushing your business. But my favourite part is that a creative, well designed system will give you back more time. 👏🏻

Let me show you how to create clear systems to help you thrive in your business (& your life).

Step 1: Analyze what’s working well & what’s not

The last thing I want you to do is spend time rearranging the things that are actually working for you. I always ask my clients “what’s the lowest hanging fruit?”, meaning what is something we need to change that will take a small amount of effort and give you a quick win/save you time.

Ask yourself questions like:

  • what do I have to do in order to produce my product and/or service?

  • what do I have to do in order to market my product and/or service?

  • what do I have to do in order to sell my product and/or service?

  • what other things do I have to do day to day in my business?

  • what do I have to do in order to keep my administrative tasks in order?

  • what would I like to have time to do in my business?

Once you have written out your answers to the above questions, go back through them and see what is working okay for now and what is truly unproductive, not efficient, energy draining and time consuming.

  • where are the results are continuously disappointing?

  • where am I spending too much time?

  • Are mistakes are being made regularly?

  • Where am I being inconsistent and not showing up full in this task or process?

Step 2: Prioritize what’s most important

Now, there is no doubt that you will want to optimize every aspect of your business with an efficient system at some point. But remember, we’re here for big wins.

Which areas of your business need to take priority?
Which process needs to be transformed into an efficient system?

Questions to think about when it comes to prioritizing:

  • where could I save the most time?

  • what will bring me results the fastest?

  • what do I need to do to move my business forward?

  • what do I need to do to bring in more money?

  • what would make my work life easier?

Rank your biz processes in order from most important to overhaul to least.


Step 3: Break down the activity & look for ways to improve it

This is where the fun begins. If you are a visual person, I highly suggest you whip out a big ol’ piece of paper for this one. If you prefer to type then do that!

You want to break down the activity into the step by step that has to occur in order for you to fulfill that activity in your business.

You’re going to want to think about:

  • what tech or tools you will need

  • any strategy you use

  • each individual step of the process

  • if anyone else in involved (like a VA or team member)

Here is an example of creating a podcast:

  • brainstorm topic ideas

  • SEO search for keywords (using Keysearch)

  • create title

  • research topic

  • write script (in Google Docs)

  • schedule time to record episode

  • record episode (using Garageband)

  • edit episode (using Garageband)

  • add in intro and outro music

  • write episode description

  • transcribe episode for website (could use a tool for this)

  • create graphics for website & social

  • upload episode and schedule release date

  • create post on website for episode and schedule release date

What is the goal of the system?

Now that the process is broken down think about what your goal of the system is.

Reduce your workload? Create faster? Make more money in your business? Reach more of your ideal clients? Free up more time in your schedule?


Improve the system

Once you have identified that, you can work backwards to find the tweaks you need to make to create a more efficient system for that particular activity.

Here are some things to think about:

  1. Automation - can you set up your system to run on it’s own, with you? Or maybe just a portion of it?

  2. Delegation - can you delegate sections of the system to someone else who could do it more efficiently? What is frustrating to you and not a good use of your time?

  3. Deferral - is there a part of the system that you don’t really need to be using right now?

  4. Addition - is there an additional step that would make the process more clear and concise?

  5. Deletion - is there a step that doesn’t need to be in there?

  6. Consolidation - is there a way to batch or consolidate tasks?

How can you simplify it? Spend less time on it? Add more value to each step? Combine steps? Improve the quality of the results? How can I cut out possible mistakes? How can I stay organized and on task?

Then you can rewrite your new system!


Step 4: Test and Edit your new system

Since you have clearly identified your goal of the system, you can easily now track to see if your improved process is helping you reach your target. A great way to do this is to use statistics, ratings, sales, email subscribers, time to complete a project, etc. Once you’ve tried out the new system compare and see if it improved the flow and helped you achieve your goal.

You can always go back through the process and make tweaks until you get the system that’s right for you and your business.


Step 5: Set a reevaluation date

Set a date to review your new system. This is important to do with all your systems periodically. Check in and see what’s working and what’s not. Are you meeting your goals? Where are you falling short?

You can run back through steps 1-4 to access the system.

Remember, as your business grows your processes will adapt and change. That’s perfectly normal. You may also pick up more tips and tricks, experience and education along the way that you want to add into your system too!

And there you have it, you’ve built your first efficient system. Look at you go!

The idea of taking the time to creating systems in your business can feel overwhelming. I get it, I’ve been there too! But by creating the right systems for you and your business you will save time and energy, become more productive in your day to day work, feel less stressed, avoid burning out and you’ll get back more time to spend on the things that you love to do in your business (like making a big impact).


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