Learn how to access your natural magnetism & unlock your authentic business strategy. 

I help entrepreneurs honour the way they're designed to be successful. 

When you honour the way you were design to work, it allows you to access your full power & potential as a creator, guide, teacher, coach and entrepreneur. When you structure your business to align with your natural strengths, everything gets easier. You’re no longer fighting resistance, second guessing what path is right for you.

The online world will try to tell you all the things you "should" be doing to grow you business,
but the truth is that most of that advice will actually continue to block you from success.

breakthrough your blocks.

Step into your power.

become the change-maker you were born to be.

It's time to build your business differently.

Right now, you may be unknowingly blocking yourself from receiving your deepest desires.

Traditional business models will keep you playing small, fitting into a mold, & trying desperately to be someone who you are not. They tell us there is a one size fits all - just follow the plan, work hard, and your hustle will pay off someday if you're consistent enough.

But, how is that currently working out for you? 

The reason this doesn't work for most of us is because we are unique and require a unique strategy. What works for someone else may very well not work for us, and that's not a weakness or a fault. It's a fact.

Beyond your business strategy, is a multi-dimensional soul who carries ancestral DNA, inner child wounds, shadow aspects, subconscious programming, core memories, limiting beliefs, conditioned patterns & outdated success stories. These may be things you are actively healing or are completely unaware of.

In order to be truly open to the abundance and impact you are here to receive, you must first unblock your path by releasing the beliefs & stories that no longer serve you. You must peel back the layers of 'protection' and create a lifestyle, work-style, business-style that honours the real you - the change-maker you're becoming.

By addressing the root cause of your biggest blocks, you'll no longer need to wonder what the next step is or the right strategy for you business. You'll no longer look to an outside source for a magic solution.

You will have the answers you need to redesign how you work, honour your energy & reconnect to your magnetism and your clients will be naturally drawn to you because of this. 

In order to call in the abundance, freedom and impact you desire, you have to be ready to receive it.

Let's rethink the way you work & grow your business.

Design a business that allows you to thrive

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Lexie's Story

There are an infinite number of possible ways to build a successful business online. The key is to discover how you were meant to build yours.

You already have everything inside you to be successful. It's in your energetic code. My job is to give you the framework to break free from the patterns keeping you playing safe & small (& stuck) and support you in stepping into your full power as a coach, teacher, and soulful entrepreneur. 

Hey there! I'm Lexie


I'll help you reconnect to your innate magnetism & redesign the way you build your dream business. 

— Kristin H.

Lexie’s coaching has been one of the best investments I’ve made for my business."

— Wendy W.

After my session, I felt LIT UP and inspired to take aligned action. She's really good at helping people get energetically un-stuck.

— Taylor J.

My session with Lexie was unreal! She just gets it! It was a such a great balance of strategy & intuition based guidance along with Human Design. 

— Erika H

Lexie helped me transform how I show up in my business. I am finally feel confident in my ability to not just manifest ideas, but to execute & bring them to life."

— Ashley A.

 Lexie helped me build a coaching program that I am proud of, therefore, I am proud and confident when I talk to potential clients about my coaching program.